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Energy Medicine or Energy Healing is a therapeutic system that has as its basic working principle, the harmonizing of energy body of living creatures. Energy medicine practitioners know that our bodies do not end at our skin level but are surrounded by various cloaks, patterns, grids, energy pathways etc completely crisscrossing, penetrating and shielding our physical bodies. This energy body goes by many names in diverse cultural systems depending on the orientation of the observer. We hear of aura, celtic belt, energy grid, energy channels, meridians etc.

In all, we are concerned with the body that directly controls the physical body. A good allusion is likening the physical body to a carpenter’s tool where as the energy body is the carpenter himself. The carpenter controls his tool, directs it as he wills, when the carpenter is under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-hampering medication, or is physically exhausted, the perfect control of his tools is lacking, he starts to produce bad works. The same thing happens to our physical body when our energy bodies become negatively affected due to so many causes. For this reason, energy healers pay much attention to the energy body; to restore it to normalcy, to energize it so that a reservoir of energy, ready to be drawn by the physical cloak as at when due is always available. All the complex network of energy bodies still belong to the world of matter but of a finer consistency.