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Pleasure – pain polarity and the difference between pain and suffering; why your attitude matters


My colleague and good friend psychologist, Agina Chijioke Chris who is also a Certified Life Strategic Coach from Spencer Institute, USA.and a Personal Transformation Catalyst recently sent the following soul health tips to me. He titled it “Understanding Pain”.

My Child,
As long as pleasure is part of your experience so also pain will, and both is of profit to you but suffering isn’t.

Pain is nature’s way of helping you notice the area of growth you need. It is a signal that prompts you to move beyond former stage of life. 

An opportunity to notice, care, heal and let go of what- attitudes, approach to life, your old interpretation, pattern of thinking- you may not need anymore.

Suffering arises as a result of the judgement you make about the experience of pain; which includes “this is not ok”, “this shouldn’t be happening”, “this shouldn’t be happening to me” and “why me?”.

Suffering is simply a way of denying growth by feeling self-pity and blaming others, circumstances and events for the pain you are experiencing.  

To the degree pain is accepted as needed part of life is the degree which suffering comes to an end.

To the degree you notice, accept and find the area of your life that needs to grow or your approach to life that need to change is to the degree which suffering comes to an end.

A woman in labour goes through pain for she knows that it is necessary for the bringing forth of new life.

Those in sports endures the pain that stretches them because they know it helps them eliminate what their body do not need and build muscles necessary for success.

The pain of a tooth ache is a sign that the tooth isn’t needed anymore and relieve comes when it is taken off.

So today, I should understand that pain is a signal alerting me to needed growth my life desire and deserve. 

Father, give me the courage to look within me and understand what my present pain in life is pointing me to.

Give me the wisdom that enables me go beyond blame and make necessary changes to approach to life.

Give me above all Your grace to daily live according to new found way. 

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