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The UNBELIEVABLE health benefits of oil PALM LEAVES

Yesterday our Christian brothers and sisters celebrated Palm Sunday. Most Christian churches wore majestic looks as they were artistically adorned with oil palm leaves. Devotees were not left out; here and there you spotted children, men and women with palm fronds, waving them in ecstasy.

This singular observation prompted me to script this article as it dawned on me that majority of the worshippers do not know the immense health benefits of what they held in their hands. It’s unbelievable but the oil palm leaf extract holds the potential of preventing and treating so many health conditions in our society.

Oil palm is scientifically classified as Elaeis guineensis, it belongs to the family Arecaceae. We are so blessed with this all-useful plant. Why can’t we begin to tap on the medicinal values it offers?

Here are some of the health benefits of ingesting or topically applying oil palm leaf extract which we will shortened as OPLE in this article. Water extraction is implied.

1. It PROMOTES WOUND HEALING; science and tradition has validated the notable wound healing ability of OPLE. The ANTIMICROBIAL action of OPLE is an additional factor to its wound healing effect.

2. The leaves contain a POLYPHENOLIC compound known as CATECHINS which is reported as an excellent ANTIOXIDANT.

3 . OPLE can dilate blood vessels thereby IMPROVING BLOOD CIRCULATION.

4 . OPLE reduces the BAD CHOLESTEROL (LDL).

5. OPLE has PHTYTOESTROGENIC and BONE MASS ENHANCING properties meaning that it can assist in balancing the FEMALE HORMONES and help MENOPAUSAL women.

6. OPLE has been shown to prevent and be a part treatment for TUMORS and CANCERS .

7. OPLE prevents and treats HEART, LIVER and KIDNEY disorders.

8. Many natural health enthusiasts purchase green tea and consume liberally because of its diversified health benefits. The spectacular healing actions of green tea is due mainly to its high polyphenol content. But do you know that OPLE, according to Suhaila Mohamed (Food Processing and Technology journal, 2014) has 8% HIGHER TOTAL POLYPHENOLS CONTENT THAN GREEN TEA?

9. OPLE plays protective roles on the nerves, it helps in preventing NEURO DEGENERATIVE disorders.

But is it ………. Yes, the common oil palm leaves.

Thank God.

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Dr Gilbert Ezengige is a licensed natural medicine practitioner, lecturer and writer on health and social issues.

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