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Weight loss herbal remedies, ladies please take note!


Today let’s look at this important topic; weight loss remedies for women.
This subject has attracted much interest among different classes of people.
First it goes without saying that women that qualify for weight loss therapy should not be among the following categories;

1. Breast feeding mothers
2. Pregnant women
3. Candidates with pronounced health challenges. (If they must partake in this, their personal physicians should be in the know.)
4. Trying-to-conceive-women. (Except with the consent of their physicians)

So many diet plans are held out as panacea to achieving weight loss. There are proponents of high carbohydrate diets, low fat diet, high protein diet, high fat diet, low carbohydrate diet etc.

The most popular; Atkins diets and keto diets espouse a very low carbohydrate intake to achieve results among other adjustments in diets. When the body is fed with low carbohydrates, the liver is forced to utilize or burn fats for energy so the advocates of keto diets teach. In actual fact, that is largely true and many strict followers of this plan achieve significant weight loss in couple of weeks. This diet plan is not without its dangers, ketoacidosis could occur in very few leading to various health derangements and in some isolated cases to death.

All the above diet plans have their merits and demerits. What is suitable for one person may not be well tolerated by another person. Furthermore, some of the weight loss diet plans require you weighing and measuring and calculating all food intakes, estimating calorific values and other parameters and also require you to frequently visit health care practitioners for periodic vital organs assessment.

Most people,, (and I am one of them) feel that these intellectualized weight loss diet plans take out the joy of sensibly partaking in foods provided by nature.

The first principle of healthy living, (achieving IDEAL WEIGHT inclusive), is to eat foods that grow IN YOUR LOCALITY, your NATIVE FOODS and most importantly as they are presented to us by the creative power of GOD. That means, eat enough of guava during guava season, pawpaw during pawpaw season, walnut during walnut season etc. This is the natural cycle that we MUST OBEY to achieve radiant health and ideal weight.

Aside from this however, let’s examine some factors that can lead to undue weight /fat gain and proffer sensible remedial measures.

Many factors stemming from modern civilization predispose women to adding weight at the slightest opportunity. The “rioting” of female hormones (both natural and artificial) is objectively accountable. Birth control pills unfortunately contribute a lot in creating imbalance in the female hormones.

Estrogen, the hormone responsible for feminine traits and sexuality such as body curves and boobs development can go haywire resulting in abdominal fat deposit and excessive fat deposits in the buttocks and hip areas etc.

The sad thing is that many chemicals, drugs and products contain STRANGE forms of estrogen known as XENOESTROGEN. This chemical is an estrogen mimicker and it wreaks the most havoc in terms of ill health and unhealthy weight gain.

We encounter this xenoestrogen in meat and milk from animals that are fattened with estrogen steroids, in some vegetables grown with estrogen – like pesticides (this calls for organic farming); even some air fresheners and hair conditioners contain estrogen – like chemicals, plastic bottles contain xenoestrogen and their harmful effects worsen when hot fluids such as hot water are stored in them. Mothers have been warned of the dangers of preparing moi–moi with nylon for similar reason. When plastic bottles containing liquids are refrigerated and frozen also, they crack without you knowing and particles and flakes of the plastic get mixed with the liquid content thereby poisoning it with xenoestrogen.

What can we do to significantly neutralize this XENOESTROGEN? The answer lies in one fruit; LEMON fruit. The peel and the spongy inner white part of lemon especially are most potent. Make a hot water extract of lemon peel and take as tea frequently. Lemon peel contains d-limonene which flushes excess estrogen. Juicing the whole lemon is another excellent way of going about this to achieve result.

In addition, hot water extract of the following herbs will help to burn fats in the body. Three or more of these herbs can be combined and taken as herbal tea 3 times daily, 1-2 hours before meals . If you choose to do so, 2 teaspoons measure of powdered mixed herb can be infused in 250ml (1/4 litre) of hot water and consumed. This represents a single dose, repeat 2 more times daily.

Chickweed (Awede in Yoruba, Nwaocha-mgbanani in Igbo, Stellaria media in botanical parlance)

Corn silk

Clove (scientifically called Syzygium aromaticum, kanafuru in Yoruba)

Lemon grass

Basil leaves (scent leaves, efinrin, nchuawnu)

Orange and tangerine peels

Necessary lifestyle adjustments;
Take a lot of weight loss promoting fruits and vegetable juices that suit you to aid the cleansing of your system. (Watermelon, pineapple, citrus fruits; oranges, bitter orange, lime, grapefruit, tangerine and lemon. Also tamarind, sour sop, African mango known as ugiri in Igbo, avocado, apple, coconut, lettuce, waterleaf, basil effirin or nchuanwu, curry leaf, pumpkin also known as elegede in Yoruba or anyu in Igbo, bitterleaf, cucumber, spinach and parsley)

Spice up your meal additionally with black pepper (uziza, iyere), ginger, garlic, onions and cayenne.

Add cereal meals like finger millet and sesame (beniseed) to your diets; they aid weight loss.

Substitute most of your vegetable oils with healthier, weight loss promoting oil like virgin coconut oil.

Reduce the quantity of the food you consume. (Never overfeed)

Curb stressful lifestyles. Some kinds of fats accumulate in us as our stress levels increase.

Reduce or avoid the intake of carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Reduce or avoid the consumption of over processed, devitalized white flour products such as biscuits, cakes, white bread etc.

Sedentary lifestyles should be avoided, take a short walk daily if possible.

Consume enough water to aid the process of flushing your system.

Incorporate a lot of sea foods such as crayfish, periwinkle, shrimps, fish etc into your meals;

Ensure you have your dinner before 7pm daily.

When your system is too slow in burning fats, seaweed (kelp) supplement may be utilized to prep your system into shedding weight faster by increasing your body metabolism.

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Dr Gilbert Ezengige is a licensed natural medicine practitioner, lecturer and writer on health and social issues.

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