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How spiritual and psychic healing affect our health and physical organs

A lot of healing experiences have been narrated as well as recorded from the interaction between patients and diverse spiritual healers irrespective of their religious or spiritual inclinations. These healing experiences range from partial to total recovery from illnesses.

Now can you recall Albert Einstein’s famous equation?
Einstein’s equation relates the physical to the non physical, coarse to the subtle and the visible to the invisible.

Energy currents emanating from energy practitioners’ hands affect body tissues tangibly as the magnetic field from a magnet physically have a pulling effect on magnetic metals such as iron. Can anybody doubt the existence of magnetic fields surrounding and radiating from a magnet just because the magnetic field is invisible, cannot be touched, and does not have any smell or taste?

The invisible subtle energy that maintains our human structure can be likened to the invisible electric current powering our household electronic and electrical gadgets. We see the bulb lit without ever seeing electricity itself.

What is the relationship between invisible energy and a physical organ which is matter? The German scientist Albert Einstein gives us a clue in his formula that is one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th century. Einstein relates Energy to Matter in his mathematical equation; E=MC2 where E stands for Energy, M for Mass or Matter and C stands for the Speed of light. From the above, we deduce that M=E/C2 Therefore, matter is a factor of both energy and speed of light nothing more.

Is it of any consequence whether what we call matter here is the brain tissue, cancer cells, liver, bone or soil? All is simply energy divided by the square of the speed of light. The transformation of matter to energy is the basis of nuclear reactors and nuclear energy.

Energy healers operate from the side of energy in the above equation to affect matter, whereas the conventional medical personnel affect the totality of man through the physical measure represented on the other side of the equation; the speed of light is a constant. This equation E=MC2 tells us of the existence of an energy, invisible energy. The subtle healing energy is also inclusive.

Anybody that doubts the existence of this subtle energy body in man doubts as well the existence of his physical body, in other words, he is categorically stating that his physical body is nothingness, a zero. He is implying mathematically that 0=mc2 i.e. his body [physical] multiplied by the square of the speed of light is zero, nothing and does not exist. Even a hard core materialist would be disturbed by the thought that his physical body which he considers the ultimate reality in the universe is nonexistent

Plunge therefore in prayer and make connection with your Creator; experience Spiritual Healing first hand.

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Dr Gilbert Ezengige is a licensed natural medicine practitioner, lecturer and writer on health and social issue.

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