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Dimensions in HEALING

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The real essence of man transcends the physical realm.

The connection between human emotions, mental state and physical organs is a fairly common knowledge and is rightly appreciated by most practitioners of medicine and related disciplines.

The interest, public demand and societal relevance of areas of specialisation such as psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry are evidently enough proofs.

The spiritual angle to healthy living, wellness and disease management has not commensurately received the necessary attention it deserves. Here and there, some religious bodies and spiritual organizations are spotted who still keep the flame aglow though faintly.

An individual who is in the habit of always bottling up his emotional hurts is more likely to experience gastrointestinal discomforts and ulcers no matter what modern medicine proffers as the primary cause of these medical conditions.

Hyper aggressive disposition causes a lot of white blood cells to flood our bloodstreams and uncontrolled anxiety and stress negatively impact on the cardiovascular system leading to various types of heart ailments.

Frowning frequently adds lots of unsightly lines to your face and makes you age faster.
Constant, unexpressed anger promotes gallbladder stone formation.
Grief and sorrow hasten various types of heart diseases and lower your immunity significantly.
The list is endless…

In our local space, be it at work place, family and spiritual endeavors, we speak of God, of Divinity, of Spirit, of spiritual healing, of miracles and of God’s great Love. Unfortunately, some of us are guilty of religious acts bordering on extremism and complete ignorant-of-life-processes.

No one can effectively talk about the processes involved in healing without bringing in the concept of HOLISM.

Holistic medicine discards the extremists or reductionists view that stamp spiritual or material approach as all that is needed to effect cure. A holistic medical practitioner gratefully accepts from creation any system that engenders equilibrium in his patients.

You will periodically encounter few human beings who would want to acknowledge God’s healing and restorative power only if a sick person gets well without taking herbs, drugs and other necessary health aids. Some of these ignorant ones assert with all religious fervor and zeal they are capable of mustering that it is a faithless act for a religious faithful to combine prayers and drugs. This has led to jesters ridiculing this by their popular sarcastic expression that the ‘combination’ (prayers and drugs) would amount to an overdose.

On the other hand, few folks consider any thing spiritual to be false. They are content in living in their world of their creation where any thing that can not be felt by the physical senses is consigned to the world of fables.

God created all the medicinal plants and other substances that can advantageously be utilised in the treatment of our ailing organs. When we say we do not need His provision, we are automatically denouncing His all-knowing status ; we may even still maintain some forms of godliness but be denying God’s power thereof. This estrangement systematically dulls our receptivity to God’s healing power; it does not enhance it as some would erroneously want to believe.

In addition, the word ‘Patient’ used in describing the sick person speaks volumes. Patients must exercise patience before the forces of nature awakened through fasting, prayers, herbs, massage, nutrition, aromatherapy etc will begin to act on them. If only those patients that change their doctors frequently as they change their clothes assimilate the meaning of just this one word (patient), they would save themselves so much disappointments and agonies.

Holistic medicine stresses the importance of regarding every individual as a unique creature requiring a specialized therapy that is structured and modeled strictly to suit him. The mental, physical and social conditions are factors that should be considered in working out appropriate remedies. Comprehensive health evaluative methods such as medical astrology, medical hand analysis, graphology, iridology, sclerology, applied kinesiology, reflexology, tongue diagnosis etc may be adopted to ascertain the root cause of a patient’s illness.

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Dr Gilbert Ezengige is a licensed natural medicine practitioner, lecturer and writer on health and social issues.

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