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Medicinal actions of UBE (Dacryodes edulis)

I am fascinated by the colour of UBE fruit. It ranges from bluish purple to redish violet. In the protocol of healing with colours , we (colour therapists) have great regards for VIOLET colour.

The VIOLET RAY which is the colour of the 7th energy center popularly known as Chakra is indicated for conditions such as cancer, tumor, nightmares, skeletal problems, addictions, karmic entanglements, spiritual cleansing and infections of all types etc.

Very few fruits and vegetables have this highly energetic vibrational colour pattern. You can now understand why you must pay attention to such few plants with VIOLTET colour when they are in season and try as much as possible to incorporate them in your meals.

Putting aside the colour healing premise, what has science been able to say about the health benefits of consuming UBE (Dacryodes edulis)?

Do you know that;
1 . UBE as it is locally called among the Igbos is rich in palmitic and oleic acids which help patients suffering from ATHEROSCLEROSIS .

2. UBE helps to lower BLOOD PRESSURE and also reduces the chances of a STROKE.

3. UBE protects women against POSTMENOPAUSAL BREAST CANCER .

4.Regular consumption of UBE might lower the risk of age-related MACULAR DEGENERATION , the main cause of vision loss in older adults.

5.UBE as a HYPOALLERGENIC fruit is, less likely to produce an adverse response than other fruits.

6. High content of pectin in UBE makes it useful in lowering CHOLESTEROL .

7. UBE is good for COLON health.

8. UBE strengthens the IMMUNE SYSTEM .

9.UBE is rich in carbohydrates, sugars, fiber,and the following vitamins; thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, panthotenate, folate, vitamin C and vitamin B6.

10. UBE contains minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc.

11. UBE protects the TEETH from demineralisation due to its high level of calcium and phosphorus.

12. UBE is rich in Essential Amino Acids (EAA) such as lysine, leucine and threonine.

Now that you know, continue to enjoy UBE while the season lasts.

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Dr Gilbert Ezengige is a licensed natural medicine practitioner, lecturer and writer on health and social issues.

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