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Holistic Medicine

The phrase ‘holistic medicine’ is becoming popular not only among circles of health practitioners but also the entire populace. Holistic medicine deserves the premium it generates in the minds of those yearning to be associated with good health. The accolade bestowed to it by lay men as well as health service providers is certainly justified for as the phrase implies, it addresses the whole, the totality of man’s health.

Ever since man with greedy intention purportedly started acting on the biblical injunction to rule and subdue the earth, all aspects of his activities have followed sinusoidal pattern. First, curiosity for knowledge and clarity propels man to dismember a well ordered system only for him, shortly thereafter, to display an indefatigable will in joining the disorganized parts back again. In this child-like or more appropriately stated, childish process of dismantling and coupling, he most times, inadvertently suffers great loss and pain. However, these unpalatable experiences accompanying man’s naivety are valuable and are sources of inestimable strength if and only if some lessons are learnt in the process so that in fulfillment to a phrase in Nigeria’s national anthem “….the labours of eeour heroes past shall never be in vain”..

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