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Taking care of your skin with foods, ...

Taking care of your skin with foods, herbs and supplements
Photo credit :https://i.pinimg.com/originals The human skin serves as the outer covering for the body. It shields the delicate internal organs. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it reflects what goes inside. Among many other functions of the skin, its role as an organ of elimination is of interest to natural health care provider [...]

What you see, think and believe nflue...

What you see, think and believe nfluence your health
Clairvoyants have observed that the visible physical body is patterned or molded after the bioplasmic body. The mind can intentionally or unintentionally influence the pattern of the bioplasmic body. Men well-versed in esoteric studies encourage their pregnant wives to look at beautiful things, to lis [...]

Council Wants Federal Government To F...

Council Wants Federal Government To Fund Research For Medicine Activities
The Honourable Minister of Health Nigeria PMNEWS Prof. Magnus Atilade, the President, Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine, has urged the three tiers of governments to fund research and other activities in the traditional and alternative medicine. Atilade made the plea at a news conference on the African Traditional Medicine Day [...]

Medicinal actions of UBE (Dacryodes e...

Medicinal actions of UBE (Dacryodes edulis)
I am fascinated by the colour of UBE fruit. It ranges from bluish purple to redish violet. In the protocol of healing with colours , we (colour therapists) have great regards for VIOLET colour. The VIOLET RAY which is the colour of the 7th energy center popularly known as Chakra is indicated for conditions such as cancer, tumor, nightmares, [...]

Medicinal uses of kola nut

Medicinal uses of kola nut
Kola nut scientifically known as Cola acuminata belongs to the family Sterculiaceae. It is a plant with great medicinal potentials. Both Cola acuminata and Cola nitida have interesting medicinal applications however, in this post we are concerned about the medicinal uses of Cola acuminata. But how can you differentiate one from the other? Co [...]

Which is more nutritious, BOILED or R...

Which is more nutritious, BOILED or ROASTED groundnuts?
The season of peanuts popularly called groundnuts in Nigeria is here with us again. At every nook and cranny you will most likely encounter hawkers of this nuts. The boiled peanut (which is always salted) is a delicious, eat-in-before-meal snack for many Nigerians, little wonder the business of groundnut is a big deal. Groundnut is rich in p [...]
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